FreeNAS as external storage in Nextcloud


I’m trying to add a SMB share hosted on my FreeNAS filer as external storage to my Nextcloud on UCS.

UCS and FreeNAS are members of the same active directory domain and a user can browse the SMB share from a Windows client.

But I cannot mount it as external storage in Nextcloud

I already played around with enabling SMB1 and NTLMv1, but it didn’t help.

FreeNAS Version: 11.2 U6
UCS Version: 4.4.2
Nextcloud version 16.0.4-0

cheers and thanks in advance

For some reason NetBIOS alias was set to the workgourp name in SMB service configuration on FreeNAS

Not sure if I added the alias by mistake or it came during a freenas upgrade because I cannot remember the setting at all…

Anyways : after removing the alias nextcloud can connect to freenas.