Folders' content doesn't refresh automatically

My scenario: UCS 4.2 with UCC 3
When I use NFS or CIFS share “I tested with both,” folder contents are not updated automatically in UCC 3. You can only refresh the content after pressing the F5 key
That is, when a file is deleted, a subfolder is created, etc., other users need to press F5 to have a refresh.

To simulate, it’s easy. With two UCC 3, using the same share, create or delete something … the update does not occur in the other UCC 3 until you press the F5

Thanks for your help

Michael Voigt

This seems to be a general issue with remote filessystems. Nautilus uses inotify to detect changes in the filesystem, which only works on local filesystems. You could try the suggestions mentioned in this thread on

I did some testing with these suggestions, but it still does not work. I went a little deeper into the subject, there really is this old question with inotify and its features, nautilus compatibility issues, etc. In fact efforts to solve this have not progressed because they depend more on software than monitoring changes in folders, it is a joint effort of Kernel, SAMBA, etc. I think there is only one thing to wait, from what I read, there is a talk of improvements for this, in a new version of samba.


Michael Voigt