Folder redirection - Cannot get working for the life of me

Hello everyone.
I am running 4.4-0 errata113 as an AD controller, currently in test development to provide a proof of concept and have been stuck looking at this for a week now.
Despite going through both methods of achieving folder redirection as listed in the Wiki and following the blog post at I just cannot seem to get my folders to redirect, they seem to be stuck as local on the PC that the user is logged on to.
Windows home path is set to \ucs.server.fqdn%USERNAME%\ and you can browse to them from the connected PC’s.
If anyone has had and then overcome this please share anything I might be missing.

OK I have now established that whilst I have changed the location of (what I thought was) the Documents folder (W10) as according to it appears that the registry change only affects the location in the “Quick Access” menu of W10, not the actual folder location. Then it looks like the folder “Documents” does not exist in the home folder - so I presume this needs to be actually created too.
Also though despite having set H: as the home drive in the UCD it does not show in explorer - any ideas please ?

OK further update, looks like I have missed the part in the wiki - so add that to the reading list.

Having been a long time lurker and wanting to put in a MS AD alternative, I have to say that I had hoped the community would have been a little more helpful than it seems to be. This is usually what pushes open source based projects forward.