Filesharing for the Users in Univention

Hi I have created some users in Univention and a separate samba share too, now I would like to have the shares for the users in Univention so that users can access the shared documents. Can you please someone provide the steps or suggesstion pls.

Jude Jerome

Good day Jude,

after creating the Users and the Samba share, the next thing to do in order to have the users get access to the created share, say: temp, is to configure the share.

  1. On the UMC, select Domain, and then Shares.
  2. Select (check the box) the share in question, and then the edit button.

In the General tab, make sure Domain Users is selected for the directory owner group. This is the default group every created user belongs to. You do this if you want user to have access to the share. If you are specific about who gets access to the share, then go to step 3 and 4. Else step 5.

Screenshot from 2017-10-27 14-02-32

  1. Select the Advanced options, and then the Samba permission. You set a screen similar to that below:

ScreenshotFor Samba

  1. Enter the names of the users intended or group in the valid user or group field.The entries are to be separated by spaces. The special characters @, + and & can be used in connection with the group name for assigning certain
    permissions to the users of the stated group for accessing the Samba share.

  2. Under extended permissions you can fine tune the permissions settings

  3. Further changes and configurations can be made as desired.

Do not forget to save your changes.

I believe the documentation below will be of help to you:

Best Regards

Thanks Anna for getting back.

Can you please tell me is that same steps apply for Ubuntu also.
Cos all i need is to have a common file share for all ubuntu users.

Appreciate your help on this.

Jude Jerome

Good Morning Jeromejoe,

This steps above are for configuring shares solely on UCS. If the Computers (Ubuntu Machines) are members of the UCS domain then they can access the shares. You can create a share, and a group called say Ubuntu users and give them access to the share following the steps above.

If you want to configure the shares on an Ubuntu System, then it has to be done manually.

Anna Takang