File/Directory Sync for UCS File Shares recommendations

We have multiple file servers. We are looking for options to sync file shares.

We have department shares we’d like to sync, along with user home directories etc. What is the recommended way to sync shares?

We are thinking about setting up some sort of bi-directional rsync or something.


There was a partially related discussion in Best way to do file sync / backup.

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Thanks, but I am looking for a free solution, the recommended options in the other article are pay/paid/subscription based options, which I don’t have a budget for.

Syncthing seems to be not commercial atm.
Univention might investigate into unison ([bug]39521[/bug]) for sysvol sync.

I’m just looking to sync 3 directories that are samba/nfs shares between 2 file servers.

The fileservers are just SAMBA3 servers handing out file shares as SMB/CIFS/NFS for our workstations/laptops. Our goal is to have these as redundant pairs…that are in sync. They are with in the same site so that latency won’t be much of a problem.

/home <–UCS/SAMBA4 user (employees) home directories (Both Windows and Unix/Linux user home directories)
/public <–General working directories of company
/beb <–Departmental working directories of company

I was thinking of this method…

Rsync from FS1 --> FS2
wait 15 minutes
then Rsync from FS2 --> FS1
then wait 15 minute and start over with this process.

I’d have a script added to our backups that would stop the RSYNC processes during the backups of FS1 and FS2, so that backups would be stable.

I am not looking to sync sysvol as that is already done within UCS/SAMBA4 on the Master and Backup/Slave domains.

Unless there is a free tool out there that does sync both FS1 and FS2, either as things change or a regular intervals, and only syncs changes.

The most famous solution I’ve know for your requirement is GlusterFS. I have not been tried to install on UCS. Can you try in testing environment and give some comments? :slight_smile:

I am trying to avoid GlusterFS. I’ve installed it in the past on UCS 4.0-2 and it crashed the box to the point the file system was no longer viable it also hosed out the root/boot partitions and killed the box. Had to restore from backup to another server. I DO NOT recommend GlusterFS at all for ANYTHING.

I do not want a cluster type filesystem, I am just trying to keep 3 directories on two UCS file servers in sync. Similar to Window DFS and DFS Replication.