File and Folder permission issue

We had implemented UCS server for testing purpose.

While configuring folder / file sharing permission I want everyone can access the folder or file but they will not able to open any file in department folders.

Also I wan not able to find ACL

kindly do the needful.

As far as I know there is no graphical interface for ACLs in UCS.
You can either use the commandline tools getfacl and setfacl or try to set the permissions by using a Windows client (given that you are using Samba 4).

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Is there no other way than via the command line when only macOS computers are in the network? So there will never be a GUI for it?

I dont believe that there will be a tool provided by Univention. In case you have a graphical enviromment on the server or can use X-Forwarding you can have a look at Eiciel which is available from the unmaintained repository in UCS. (untested)

That looks interesting. I will test it sometime. Thank you very much.