Fetchmail cannot connect to server, authorization incorrect

Hi everyone,

I wanted to increase the security of my user’s password and added exclamation mark to the end of it.
After that, Fetchmail seems not to be able to connect to the mailserver (external, with my provider) anymore.

So to make it clear:
I have changed the password for the mail account of my user on the mailserver of my provider with adding an exclamation mark at the end (later I added the exclamation mark in the middle, same result)
Of course I changed the password in UCS also.
After adding an exclamation mark Fetchmail was no longer able to connect to the mailserver, as the connection was refused “wrong user name or password” (or similar wording).
As soon as I change the password back and remove the exclamation mark, it all works fine again.

So what do I have to do to use more secure passwords on Fetchmail with special characters ? Fetchmail does not seem to work with those characters in passwords ootb.

Many thanks for your help in advance, all the best and take care.

Kindest regards

If the server, which fetchmail attempts to access, is running under Linux, “!” and “*” seem not to be valid password chars - see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/de/man5/shadow.5.html (German) or http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/en/man5/shadow.5.html (English)

Hello Mornsgrans,

thank you for your answer, but this is not the case.
I can use exclamation marks and other special characters in the password for the mailaccount, the mailserver of my provider understands them all.
But Fetchmail does not seem to be able to send those characters to the mailserver.
I.e. if I use special characters like “!” and “*” for example, I can still access my mailaccount oni the server.
Fetchmail seems to be the problem here, not the mailserver of my provider.
Thanks and kindest regards