Fetchmail authentication failure

Hello, everybody,

yesterday I created a new user in umc which should also use Kopano.

Domain access works (Windows10) and Kopano login works. Also sending mails from Kopano works.

Only retrieving the mails doesn’t work. I have in the UMC -> User -> Edit -> “Advanced Settings” -> Mail retrieval

everything entered correctly (checked several times)

User: v725495e
Password: #Kas6253Mail
Protocol: POP3
External mail server: w8284025.kasserver.com

(Data to publish changed)

but in the log, I see:

Oct 23 11:17:28 saturn fetchmail[10322]: Authentication failure at v725495e@w8284025.kasserver.com

I also looked at /etc/fetchmailrc. The structure of the line for this user matches the others (where it works). I just can’t find a bug.

Does anyone have a hint for me how to find the problem?

Best regards

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Does your password contain the ' character? If so, Univention’s fetchmail integration doesn’t escape that properly, and the resulting config file will be invalid. Similar issues might happen with the # character.

If neither applies, double & triple check your user name & password. You’ve likely made a mistake somewhere. Also consult the content of /etc/fetchmailrc and compare what you see there with what you expect to see.

No, the password does not contain ’

but it starts with a #

But this is true for all other users in /etc/fetchmailrc as well

For testing I changed the password on the external webserver as well as in UMC without the # (checked in fetchmailrc).

Same error

Then your credentials are simply wrong and not what they’re on the server.