Fehler beim Löschen von User




beim Löschen von Userobjekten, egal welcher Untercontainer oder mit welcher Benutzervorlage diese angelegt wurden, erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung:

Das LDAP-Objekt uid=USERNAME,cn=users,dc=DOMAIN,dc=intranet konnte nicht gefunden werden.
Es wurde vermutlich gelöscht oder verschoben. Bitte erneuern Sie Ihre Suchergebnisse und versuchen Sie das Objekt erneut zu öffnen.
Request: Get: udm/get


Wie kann ich prüfen, ob das Objekt gelöscht wurde? Warum erhalte ich diese Meldung?


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how do you remove the user? Through your browser with the UMC Web console? Or on the command line?

Where do you see this error message?




yes exactly, I remove the user in the UMC. The error message appears immediately after confirming the Delete dialog. The error message appears in den UMC, too.



so you have been in den User dialogue before? The screen where you can set users password etc.?

In this case it is expected behaviour (I would say…) because your “search” brought you this user. UMC wants to return to this search screen, but meanwhile you have deleted the user so it cannot be displayed any more which results in the error message.




not quite, I perform the deletion process not from the user object itself, but from the user overview. URL/univention/management/#module=udm:users/user:0:
For other UCS installation I do not get this error either. At this farm I have not had the mistake before.

How can I check if a user object is completely deleted?


Well, the message you posted tells you already about you user not beeing able to be found:
Das LDAP-Objekt uid=USERNAME,cn=users,dc=DOMAIN,dc=intranet konnte nicht gefunden werden.

What else do you need as a confirmation the user does not exist any more?



Do you also have this error message when deleting users?
I’m interested in where this message came from and how it go away.

A general question: How can I completely delete a user in the UCS? When I create a user, with this e.g. work in the apps KIX and Kopano and delete again, remain when recreating the user in the apps leftovers.


When switching the user view from tile to list, the phenomenon no longer occurs. For now I consider this as a workaround.


I have filed a bug report: http://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=46442


How does it look here? This bug also occurs in future releases and in the demo.