False display in widget


i have had a problem with the kopano calendar for a long time. I posted it a long time ago in the Kopal forum and opened a support ticket. Unfortunately there is no solution yet.

If I enter an appointment in Kopano and select the option “all day”, the widget always shows one day more.




I have this behavior on several kopano installations. What they all have in common is that it is always kopano from the ucs app catalog. Maybe it contains the error?

Can someone test this in their kopano under ucs?

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crosspost: https://forum.kopano.io/topic/2400/wrong-ad-in-calendar-widget

yes, please note the date:


i also wrote that i posted it in the kopano forum and just wanted to know if other kopano-ucs users had this problem, too.

don’t get me wrong. you are free to repeat your question everywhere you like. but as things go this posts included a few other details as the one one the kopano forum and if you repeat yourself another time, you will include yet again other details (this is just a human thing, no blame. you know “stille post” right?).

One thing for example that is not included over at the kopano forum is that here you included screenshots, but not there. also the mention of reaching out to the Kopano support is only included here.

If you feel something has not the priority you would like it to have, I’d recommend to either bump the priority with our support or (as this is what open source empowers you to do) look into fixing the issue yourself :wink:

Since you mentioned our support I even managed to find your ticket. according to our reply the issue https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-3127 was created for this, which usually means its reproducible, so not a problem only you have.

I’ll wait and see when it’s fixed because I can’t fix it myself.

The customer who asked has bought a version and wanted to know if it will be fixed sometime :wink:

I just couldn’t believe that other users could seriously work like this if the schedule in the widget wasn’t really right.

but I love kopano :slight_smile:

Again, I’d recommend to bump the ticket through our support.

I just asked the support if the display problem can be fixed :slight_smile: … Problem was reported in May :frowning: