Failed AD Takeover from Zentyal 6.01

New to UCS, and trying to replace a basic Zentyal AD controller.
I get this error, not sure what it means, I’ve searched the forums can’t seem to find anyone with the exact error that finds a fix. I can connect to the Zentyal AD and all groups and users sync without issues.

2019-03-05 11:20:28,744 Could not find machine account in secrets database: Failed to fetch machine account password for MYDOMAIN from both secrets.ldb (Could not find entry to match filter: '(&(flatname=MYDOMAIN)(objectcl$
2019-03-05 11:20:29,444 ERROR(runtime): uncaught exception - (8409, ‘WERR_DS_DATABASE_ERROR’)

But, I also see this in messages, not sure if it is the culprit, but I can join the domain with no issues.
The linke just talks about a Microsoft AD, and I can’t add to DNS with Port 0, and if I try a random port, it gives a 'domaincontroller_master doesn’t exist in /etc/services" error.

DNS Check
Caution! The DNS service record for the UCS Master was not found in the DNS server.
Details are explained in the Support Database.