Fail to takeover

Hi all. Greetings from Brazil.

I’m trying to takeover my Windows Active Directory from a Windows Server Essentials. When I install the UCS I choose “join to an existing Windows Active Directory” and in the Software Components I choose Takeover.
The installation is running smoothly but when it is over the Takeover is not installed. UCS is joined to my Windows Domain without problems.
If I click at App Center the Takeover appears as installed, but if I click on it I get the install button available.
Ok, let’s install the takeover again… then I run /usr/share/univention-join/check_join_status:

Warning: ‘univention-samba4’ is not configured.
Warning: ‘univention-s4-connector’ is not configured.
Error: Not all install files configured: 2 missing

and if I try to takeover I get an error.

I made a lab with three VMs: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 with AD configured and UCS. I did the same but the result was all different. First of all, the Takeover was installed since the start, and the UCS joined to the domain with Takeover installed. The takeover process ran without errors.

Do you know why Takeover is not installing when I select the join windows domain option?
If it is a normal or expected behavior, why after install the Takeover samba is not configured?

Thank you for your help.