External Jitsi server authentication

Hello everyone!

We have a self-hosted Jitsi server. Does everyone have a configuration tutorial to make this Jitsi server authenticate in UCS?

You could install the jitsi app in UCS and then take a look at it’s config files. Should be easy to do. Otherwise I suppose you’d have to dig into the docs and figure it out unless someone else knows of a specific tutorial.

Hi @nathanielmorais,

if you install Jitsi right from the App Center it uses the OpenLDAP Users for authentication.

Hi @nicost. Thank yoou for your reply.

I installed Jitsi from App Center to analyze configuration files. But no success.

My problem is: when we create our domain with UCS it was born as domain.local. But, we receiver a wildcard certificate so they ordered us to use it, and this wild card must be used with *.domain.com.br.

When Jitsi is installed from App Center it creates a jitsi.domain.local, which is not accessible for my clients. I need it to be jitsi.domain.com.br.

That’s why i asking for the configuration steps. Or another webserver configuration that make Jitsi be accessible with jitsi.domain.com.br.

We are using Nextcloud+Onlyoffice from App Center and it works like a charm, because we can put any URL with /nextcloud at the end (mydomain.com/nextcloud/ or IPADDRESS/nextcloud.

If we could put Jitsi working that way, like mydomain.com/jitsi it could solve our problems.

In that case, I’d try adding your own proxy lines to the apache config to proxy a /jitsi url to the jitsi app.

Got it. Must downgrade prosody and prosody modules to work with liblua5.1.