Extending LDAP Schema

Hi All,

I have an old Apple server with accounts in the Open Directory that we’d like to migrate to UCS.

There is a github project to migrate from OD2Samba that requires modification the the LDAP schema to add two key objects from Apple.

An example script of one of the items to be added to the schema follows:

# add apple-user-homeurl to mayContain property of User class
dn: CN=User,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=physcip,DC=uni-stuttgart,DC=de
changetype: modify
add: mayContain
mayContain: apple-user-homeurl

Of course, this script will not work given the UCS architecture for storing objects. I’ve read through the docs for adding these two items and the solution simply eludes my cognitive functioning.

Looking for a little assist here to clarify the ‘how to’ that’s keeping us from moving forward with this transition.