Extended Domain Services Documentation: sssd vs. winbind for SAMBA fileshares

Hi There,

in your new and excellent Extended Domain Services Documentation the SSSD configuration is explained for Linux Clients.
Nevertheless, on UCS domain nodes, winbind instead of sssd is used. As of Samba 4.8, winbind is necessary to handle the connection to the AD, e.g. for NTLM access to SMB shares.

So, I’d like to know, whether you are planning to revise or add winbind to your Documentation guide and/ or where winbind for Linux clients is documented in your knowledgebase.

And BTW: when executing the smbclient-command on UCS domain nodes by the --kerberos option (with an already initialized Kerberos ticket) I receive the error message
session setup failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

In Addition, I’d like to animate because I’m getting a bit frustrated with SMB filesharing in my UCS domain: A knowledgebase item for Do’s and Dont’s of SMB filesharing would be very useful.