Export and import extended Attributes

when I face problems with UCS I just reinstall it… but I don’t like to create my extended attributes each time manually…

now the quesiton…
is it possible to just export and import these values again?

I can export it using “udm settings/extended_attribute list” but I cannot just create it by passing a file contianitng the settings. Do I really need to adjust every attribute like this?:

udm settings/extended_attribute create "$@" --ignore_exists \
	--position "cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,$ldap_base" \
	--set name="My Attribute" \
	--set CLIName="myAttribute" \
	--set shortDescription="Example attribute" \

or is this also possible without manual labor?

the exported Attributes look like this:

DN: cn=nextcloudUserEnabled,cn=nextcloud_manually,cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,dc=mydomain,dc=tld
  CLIName: nextcloudEnabled
  copyable: None
  default: 1
  deleteObjectClass: 0
  disableUDMWeb: None
  doNotSearch: 0
  fullWidth: None
  groupName: None
  groupPosition: None
  hook: None
  ldapMapping: nextcloudEnabled
  longDescription: Whether user may access Nextcloud
  mayChange: 1
  module: users/user
  multivalue: 0
  name: nextcloudUserEnabled
  notEditable: 0
  objectClass: nextcloudUser
  overwritePosition: 0
  overwriteTab: 0
  shortDescription: Access to Nextcloud
  syntax: boolean
  tabAdvanced: 1
  tabName: Nextcloud
  tabPosition: 1
  translationLongDescription: de_DE: Der Benutzer kann auf Nextcloud zugreifen
  translationShortDescription: de_DE: Zugang für Nextloud
  translationTabName: de_DE: Nextcloud
  valueRequired: 0
  version: 2