Expired certificate(s) and cannot log in

Hi, seems like certificates on our both idm servers has expired.
I followed the guide “Renewing the SSL certificates” and after that I see:

univention-certificate list-all

List all certificates (including revoked and expired certificates)
01 idm1.mydomain.com (E)
02 ucs-sso.mydomain.com (E)
03 idm2.mydomain.com (E)
04 ucs-sso-ng.mydomain.com (V)
05 idm1.mydomain.com (V)
06 idm2.mydomain.com (V)
07 ucs-sso-ng.mydomain.com (V)
08 ucs-sso.prod.mydomain.com (V)

But I still cannot log in with same error “Internal server error: The service is temporarily not available.
Cannot connect to the LDAP service.
Error message: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed (certificate has expired)”
What else I must to do for things to work ?