Etherpad-lite for 4.2

are there any plans to provide etherpad-lite as docker container for ucs 4.2?
We removed the package today for our upgrade from 4.1 → 4.2…


found this:

There is no migration guide for native etherpad to docker etherpad in 4.1. But the docker version of this app is already available for 4.1 and 4.2.

So, please check out the appcenter after the update to 4.2

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Thank you Felix,

my problem was, that univention-app list | grep etherpad didn`t output anything. So I thought there is no native app or docker version anymore.
After running: ucr unset appcenter/prudence/docker/etherpad-lite it was possible to install docker-etherpad-lite.

an migration article is here:

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