Etherpad in Nextcloud (by Ownpad)

Hi, I want to integrate my Etherpad in my Nextcloud like it is discribed here:

Worked well, but I have to change the mime types in in the mimetypemapping.json file (at Nextcloud level).

My problem is that I can’t find that file mimetypemapping.json
May anybody please help?

kind regards
Holger Jessen-Thiesen


The you quoted says:

To proceed, just copy /resources/config/mimetypemapping.dist.json to /config/mimetypemapping.json (in the config/ folder at Nextcloud’s root directory; the file should be stored next to the config.php file). Afterwards add the two following lines just after the “_comment” lines.

That would do in a setup not using docker. In case you you use the Nextcloud app in UCS you will find the original file inside the container

# univention-app shell nextcloud ls /var/www/html/resources/config/

I’d also have a look at the discussions here regarding the persistent changes of the config.php for Nextcloud (hint:/var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/nextcloud/data/integration/config).