Error while adding printerdriver in the cups port

Iam a new comer to univention. Really surprised to see the vast features bundled in the application.
Iam trying to implement the domain service and printer sharing using the univention. While trying to add the printer driver using the cups port ie localhost:631, I can see the details shown in the page. But while clicking the add printer link it asks a username and password. the web address seen as localhost:631/admin
So I put the Administrator user and its password. then its shows forbidden.
I know the authentication is failed. But I didnt created a user admin in univention.
Need some clarification from the community.
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

In almost all cases, it shouldn't be necessary to use the CUPS webinteface (localhost:631) at all. Please have a look at the manual on how to achieve most of the tasks regarding printer shares with the Univention Management Console (UMC, the UCS Webinterface):

If something is not covered or doesn't work as described, feel free to come back to this thread :bulb:

Best regards,

Thank you for your speedy reply.