Error: ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

i’ve just installed USC with Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Docs (both to the last versions).

Onlyoffice is up and running, if a go to https:///onlyoffice-documentserver i got the window.

Nextcloud is also up and running.

The problem is that if i would like to open a document from Nextcloud with OnlyOffice, i got the error message:

ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

Any suggestion how to fix it?


Did you install a valid SSL-certificate on the OnlyOffice document server?
Did you check the logfiles (var/log/apache2) on both systems?

I’ve only the self-certified SSL (standard after install Univention)

But in the mean time i’ve seen that the issue is related to the name resolution.
FQDN is reqquired, but was not resolved.
Editing the Hosts files resolved it.

Hello! Can you describe your actions with the hosts file?

i’ve edited the hosts files in the client machine that have to connect to Onlyoffice.

I entered a line like this: ucs-9830.mysite.intranet