Error message while dockering: Could not login to univention

This is a fresh installed machine with UCS 4.2-3 Errata 310 and test app center activated. License is installed. Why does it try to match my local ip address from my virtual machine (kvm)?


I have problems with my docker container setup, that is that my deb-packages are not installed in the container. Could this be the cause?



this is just an annoying warning message. But it is not harmful; the image is downloaded afterwards. The image name is univention/ucs-appbox-amd64:4.2-2, so the App Center overeagerly wants to perform a docker login to a server named “univention”. This does not work but it does continue anyway.

The problem is probably that you did not specify DefaultPackages in the software tab (“Required debian package for App installation”). Therefore, the Appbox image does not know what to install.

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Thanks. I assume that I have to enter the package names of my application’s deb which i’ve uploaded earlier? I’ve assumed they will be installed anyway as I’ve uploaded them. Will try.

The app.ini is now updated but still no packages seem to be installed. Prior to installation i’ve updated the index via

‘univention-app update’.

What could be the problem still?

I think you are still working with the wrong DockerScriptInit. It is the command that is used to fire up the container. For Appbox, this is /sbin/init.

Yes this looks promising. Maybe this should be added to the sanity checks.

Now, as this DockerScriptInit is preoccupied, where do I tell what command to run when starting the docker container?

You don’t. The packages that are now installed will probably ship a service. This service just needs to be started at “boot time” and everything is fine. This Docker image acts as a virtual machine. This is an actual /sbin/init (with some tweaks here and there), not just a name.

Okay great, that was the answer I hoped for :slight_smile: