Error executing System Diagnosis

After upgrading to UCS 4.4-1 errata 207, system diagnosis doesn’t work on most of my servers.
It still worked after first upgrading to 4.4-1, but after installing the additional packages, only one of eight server can execute the diagnosis. All other servers give me an error, when I click the button “start diagnosis”:

1 Fehler aufgetreten:
plugin: Wert ist keine Zeichenkette

“Validation Error, Value is not a string”

I already tried rejoining 35univention-management-console-module-diagnostic.

I didn’t find any log entries about this errror.

could you remove your browser cache, do a relogin into UMC and try opening the module again?

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It seems it was too late for me to get this idea myself. m(

I deleted the browser cache and now the system diagnosis works as intended. Thank you.