Errata mailing list


there’s a Univention mailing list where all erratas & updates are announced (sender is Univention Errata Updates <>). I’ve been subscribed so long to that list that I completely forgot how I ended up on that list in the first place. Now, though, a customer asked me how to get onto that list, and I cannot for the life of me find a place for subscribing to it (mails from the list only contain List-Unsubscribe headers, no List-Subscribe headers).

So… how can my customer get himself subscribed? Does he have to mail someone at Univention? If so, whom?

Oooooh there’s a checkbox for the update news. I didn’t actually look at the page due to the heading only saying “monthly news” which is not what I was looking for… Thanks!

Yes the presentation is a little bit confusing. You’re welcome!