EoL for 4.4: Clarifications would be appreciated


I’ve tried to check if there were updates on the published EoL date for enterprise (paying) customers for UCS 4.4. As of writing the published date in the Univention wiki still says “at least until Nov 01, 2020” (https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Maintenance_Cycle_for_UCS)

Considering what is cooking up in 5.0, I expect some rather big changes in that release. Not everyone will be able to quickly transition to 5.0 considering how the world has change in spring & summer 2020 during COVID-19.

As of writing we are now 5 months before this currently-published “at least” EoL date. Depending on the industry, that’s not a lot anymore. :slight_smile: I’d really appreciated an update and clarification on the EoL date of 4.4 on the forums and the wiki page by the Univention staff.


as written in the linked document:

The maintenance cycle of a UCS major version ends not before one year after the release of the following major version.

As we currently do not know when UCS5 will be released we can not say the minimum date for UCS 4.

But as UCS5 has not been released yet the maintenace will last at least (as of today) until 02nd June 2021 (in case UCS5 woul be relased tomorrow).

We would need to update the page daily…


I updated the wiki page. As we won’t release UCS 5.0 in Q2 2020, the UCS 4 will be under maintenance at least until the third quarter of 2021.

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Thanks for your clarifications. I did missed the part about the the maintenance cycle of a UCS major version ending not before one year after the release of the following major version - yet it got me confused with the time until november 2020 before the update for the wiki page.

There is of course no need to updated it on a daily basis, but it is definitely reassuring to have an updated rough date now, thanks @Steuwer :slight_smile: