Enabled force_https and Now Cannot Access Univention Mangement Console

I am running the Univention Corporate Server OVA on vmWare and may have broken my instance. I use this VM only for the OwnCloud application and wanted to enable HTTPS redirects automatically. I found this article Redirect HTTP to HTTPS that talked about change the force_https attribute to true, which I believe I did in the System Services window in the Univention Management Console. Once I restarted apache2, however, I no longer have access to the Univention Mangement Console, only OwnCloud. Since I can’t access the console, I’m unsure how to turn off the force https attribute to potentially fix my issue. Anyone have any ideas?

I would ssh to the server and run the ucr command mentioned in the article you linked to. Just change yes to no. Then restart apache.

If you added the .htaccess files or modified other apache configurations you might need to revert those as well.

Would you happen to know how to run the ucr commands? Via SSH or in the VM’s terminal, there seems to be no ucr command existing. Trying to use it just results in a bash error, “command not found.”

Disregard. You have to be logged in as the root user, not Administrator.

That did fix the issue now that I finally figured out how to use ucr commands, via the root user. Thanks.
Not sure why enabling force https caused this issue in the first place but now I can actually create a snapshot this time before making changes. Haha