Enabeling Roaming Profiles

Ok first of all Great job on streamling the config. I’m a slackware user (my email and web server) but was ready to shoot myself trying to configure Samba4 for Active Directory.
What I haven’t found… is the way to make Roaming profiles. We have a small office, 3 workstations, but 6 users, at different times of the day. Also, not everyone can always use the same workstation. So roaming profiles would be great, each user could have their desktop and set-up on any station any day. How can this be configured with the USC Server? Is there some docs on it?

Does this help? docs.univention.de/manual-4.0.ht … les:samba4

Well it could, if I had a clue where that config instruction was pointing to… It isn’t layed out like that in Win7 or on the server in UCS… Or I REALLY have missed something.

Basically, I can find instructions on how to do this in windows, but the interface is a whole different animal here…

After the installation of a UCS server you can use the web interface to configure the UCS system: docs.univention.de/quickstart-en … nistration

It should also be possible to use the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools which can be installed on a Windows 7 client, for example microsoft.com/en-us/download … en&id=7887.

I would recommend the web interface of the UCS system.