Email Setup



I have created a Amazon EC2 image, I have successfully logged in and set up the server, I have installed the Mail app, I have also set up the MX record at godaddy (who i got my domain from). I am still unable to send or receive emails via my Univention server, is there something else I need to do in order to get this to work?



have you set up the networking / routing / firewall in the Amazon cloud? Maybe that is blocking.

Try on the command line if you can connect to your server and from your server to other mail servers:

Logged in on your desktop:

[code]$ telnet 25 # replace with IP/hostname of your machine
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 mx01.mydom.ain ESMTP Postfix
^] # close connection with Ctrl-]

telnet> quit # “quit” to close terminal
Connection closed.[/code]

Logged in on your Amazon VM:

[code]$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 ESMTP uq9si17590121wjc.17 - gsmtp

telnet> quit
Connection closed.[/code]

Both directions must work.

Daniel Tröder


I am able to telnet to the server and from the server to but I am still not able to send or receive mail (it sais it sent but I don’t get the message in my inbox) I am also for some odd reason to able to send “in house” emails like I am able to on my UCS server at home (my AWS and Home server are not linked), do you think this could be the problem?


When you’re sending from your UCS server to an external address what does /var/log/postfix have to say?

And vice versa. When you send from an external domain (where you control the mail server if at all possible) to your UCS server what does the mail server logs on the sending server (the external one) have to say about the attempt?


Moritz Bunkus,

I have no such file on my Univention server.


Sorry, /var/log/mail.log that is for UCS servers.


Moritz Bunkus,

There was nothing in the file.


Moritz Bunkus,

I was finally able to get “in house” to go through and I am able to receive emails on the server, but now I am having issues sending to other servers (i.e. my email).


Moritz Bunkus,

Thank you for all your help, I was able to finally setup my mail server completely and am now able to send and receive.