Editing default user templates

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We create users manually in LDAP and often the templates that are provided in UCS are loaded, or vice versa incomplete. I know about custom attributes, but I need to fix the default Location field (make a pop-up list of several values ​​and set the Requered field on them). Otherwise, there will be two fields, default, and custom.
Question 1: Is it possible to fix the default field in the user template?

When we need to create a user of a certain type, we lack default quick creation fields, and always have to access Advanced mode and add 2-3 fields.
Question 2: Can I add fields from Advanced mode to fast user creation mode?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

As you already know about custom attributes, there isn’t much you can to on top of them:

You cannot modify how existing fields in the work in the UMC, meaning you cannot convert a text field such as “Street” into a combo box field (text field+drop down of possible entries).

You cannot modify those masks either as their layout & content is hard-coded.