[EDIT] Kopano LDAP contacts not syncing with gab2contacts


I added the script gab2contacts under z-push on my UCS server and added some LDAP Kopano contacts. When I run the gab2contacts script those contacts that are created as LDAP Kopano contacts are not synced but the regular users are being synced.

Is there a special flag set to these LDAP Kopano contacts when they are written into the GAB that they will not be synced by this script?

EDIT: It looks like, that the LDAP Kopano contacts appear as ROOM in the GAB of Kopano. Which prevents syncing with gab2contacts. On the other hand gab2contacts is only syncing WORKERS, is there a work around to mark the LDAP Kopano contacts as WORKERS in the GAB?

Thanks for help!


Crosspost: https://forum.kopano.io/topic/1282/gab2contacts-with-univention-not-syncing-ldap-kopano-contacts

@Felix: Correct, the intention to post this in the Kopano forum is to modify the script itself. Here to look if it’s the right behaviour that those contacts seem to be rooms.

A kind of hint if it’s the correct behaviour of LDAP Kopano contacts in UCS or a mod of the script would be necessary would be helpful.