Dupilacate UCR Variable

when I set an sshd ucr variable I got the following warning:

WARNING: The value for ChallengeResponseAuthentication is set twice: via sshd/ChallengeResponseAuthentication and sshd/challengeresponse

So I do a ucr search:

root@gandalf:~# ucr search sshd/challengeresponse
sshd/challengeresponse: yes
 If variable is set to 'yes', the SSH server allows an authentication using challenge response authentication, 'no' disables this.

root@gandalf:~# ucr search sshd/ChallengeResponseAuthentication
sshd/ChallengeResponseAuthentication: yes
 Specifies the OpenSSH deamon configuration value 'ChallengeResponseAuthentication': if the variable is unset, the OpenSSH default value is used, see `man sshd_config for details.

How to deal with this warning. Shall I unset one of the variable (which one?)?

I sugest to add a hint how to deal with this in the warning ( variable x is deprecated, use the new variable y)

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Hi @digitec-san

I don’t have the second entry on any system of mine.

It is somehow funny to read man sshd_config . The default for ChallengeResponseAuthentication is ‘yes’ - but not on Debian servers, so ‘no’…

Could be worth a bug-report. https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/index.cgi