Dumb Question?

I am new to Linux, I have extensive experience with windows. I have been looking at alternatives to the windows platform.

I am attempting to install the Univention Corporate Server and have it configured as a backup domain controller to my Windows Domain. The issue I am having however is that every time I try to join the domain I am receiving an error of Join Error: ssh-login for user@servername.domain.local failed.

I know the issue is that I don’t want the servername in the above join request. It tells me where it is putting the log file to review and I know the join script is in the usr/lib/inivention-install/ directory. My question is how do I get to that file so I can edit it to correct the join issue.

So I guess the question is with UCS, how do I get to the command line?


Hello, I think you have selected ‘DC Backup’, but the first UCS system must always have the role ‘DC Master’. So must do a new installation of UCS. But first you should the DNS-entries in your AD domain.

OK, let me try this again. Using UCS, how do I get to a command prompt? When I attempt to log into the server I receive a message that states that I cannot log in as root. From the web interface I cannot figure out how to get to a command prompt.



the error message mentioned in your first post about not being able to ssh into the DC is a dead giveaway for a rather common error case: the UCS installation thinks that the DC is another UCS system and not a Windows system. It therefore tries to join a UCS domain as a UCS DC Backup.

This usually happens if, during installation, you configure a DNS server that doesn’t resolve the appropriate records properly. What UCS does is similar to what a Windows server does when you tell it to join a domain: it tries to retrieve a special DNS record that tells the UCS system the name of the AD DC.

The most reliable way to fix this is to re-install UCS. Right at the beginning a boot menu with three options is shown. Select the second option (the one with “manual network configuration” or something similar). Then during network configuration make sure to enter the address of one of your Windows AD DCs as the DNS server to use for UCS.

That way UCS should realize the domain you’re trying to join it to is a Windows domain. Later during the installation process UCS should then offer to join the server as a member server in a Windows domain.

Note that a UCS system does not support AD DC operations together with a Windows-based AD DC! The underlying Samba software does, but UCS itself doesn’t. You can run UCS as a (non-DC) member with Windows-based AD DCs, though.

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Considering the initial question, even though it probably won’t help you too much without any linux knowledge:

You cannot get to a command prompt via the web interface, but you can use the UCS system the same way you can use any other linux system. The simplest way to log on to a system in the network without a screen etc. attached is probably ssh.
The ssh server is installed and running on UCS per default, all you need is a ssh client.

If you want to use windows to access UCS, you probably have to install putty (putty.org/), install openssh for powershell or use the new fancy linux subsystem or something.

Using linux to access UCS, you just enter ssh user.name@ucs.server.fqdn