Dual NIC UCS setup

I am looking to setup a UCS proof of concept for a client to sit alongside an existing AD Domain. I do not want to join or takeover the AD at present just have the UCS and clients as a separate subnet.
The UCS server has two NICs. I would like to connect Eth0 to the existing network and gateway for internet access, connecting to existing file shares and printers and connect Eth1 to a separate UCS/UCC subnet with the UCS providing DNS/DHCP/PXEboot etc for the UCC, test windows pc and other UCS clients.
Is there a how-to which will take me through this scenario please?



there are no guides or how-tos for it as it’s pretty much the same as a single-NIC setup. You just start a regular installation and configure only the NIC for the UCS network during the setup. Once the server is up and running, you can log in to the Univention Management Console (the web-based central domain & server management interface) and configure the second NIC there. For that reason eth0 and eth1 will be reversed to what you’ve shown in your picture, but that won’t have a detrimental effect on functionality.

Note that the installer defaults to configuring network adapters via DHCP. You should therefore select “start with manual network settings” in the boot screen.

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Hi Mosu,
Thanks for the recommendation. I shall try this and post back with the result.
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