Dovecot - duplicate or triplicate mail on inbox


I have the following issue with the inbound mail, I receive duplicate o triplicate emails by the next reason:

the emisor sent me a email to my personal account with CC one or two alias o mail group where I receive too, so my inbox receive until three emails with the same subject.

How to set dovecot to dont receive emails with the same subject or ID when I’m inside the several alias or mail group. Thank you.

Anybody was able to resolve this issue, duplicate or triplicate messages when one account is created in many groups mail?

This is the “issue”:

Postfix forwards the mail to all recipients and dovecot fetches them as expected.

Works as designed.

If you are mentioned three times as reciient (including groups), you will get all those three mails.

Yes, but I need consolidated in one email. I received too much email in the same time in the inbox.