Done the migration part, but without previous Active Directory on, I cannot log in Univention

Hi All,
I am trying to do migration from windows active directory 2012 migration to univentions
I have checked that
my UCS instance has the same dns name, and kerbsRelam of active directory server
and it has unique IP address

The migration part was over, then when I shutdown my active directory instance it, Using the ucs web interface, not able to log in, the following messages keeps coming

Internal server error: The service is temporarily not available.
The connection to the Univention Management Console Server broke up unexpectedly.
If you have root permissions on the system you can restart UMC by executing the following commands:

  • service univention-management-console-server restart
  • service univention-management-console-web-server restart
    Otherwise please contact an administrator or try again later.

Also like to mention
When the active directory is on, I am able to log in as administrator, but when I check users windows logon path, I see the IP address of the 2012 AD server, not of the UCS server, beclause of this I am not able to log in from windows machine also

I am using the latest UCS-univention corporate server.
Guidance and advice requested

Good day jjk_saji,

it will be nice if you could post the contents of the /var/log/univention/ad-takeover.log file so that we can have a look at the error message and see how we can help.

Anna takang

Hi Anna,
Thanks for reply, I kept on trying, after couple of installation, reinstallation, going back to manual reading it and then trying it.
I was able to over come this error
Thanks for the reply