Domain renaming in Univention

Hello Community!

What steps should I do to rename domain in UCS?
Let me outline the details below:

For example, I’ve old domain at domain.tld and UCS Server is running at tempdomain.tld then I migrate services (mailboxes) from domain.tld to tempdomain.tld.
Stop the server that domain.tld points to.
Next I need to rename tempdomain.tld to domain.tld after all this.
How do I it the right way?

As far as I know I should do following steps:

  1. Change all settings related to hostname to domain.tld
  2. Change LDAP base
  3. Aquire new license file from Univention(?)

What I’m missing?


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I would recommend against trying to rename the domain. It is simply not an implemented feature and it will cause loads of issues!

In case you really need to have a new domain try to migrated your data from the existing one…

Really, do not rry to rename the domain!


Hi @Christian_Voelker!

Thanks for your reply.
OK, I see the point.
So you propose (in theory) following migration steps in general:

  1. Migrate data from domain.tld to tempdomain.tld
  2. Stop old server running domain.tld
  3. Create domain.tld at UCS Server
  4. Migrate data preferred way from tempdomain.tld to domain.tld within the UCS server
  5. How can I safely remove tempdomain.tld, if it would be the first domain on UCS?


there are too many culprits so I can not give you a perfect solution. Just keep in mind you can not add a domain to an existing UCS. If you want to migrate data from one domain to another both domains have to be on a sperate server!

In case you have a windows Domain running, you could use the AD-Takeover scenario.

In case the originating data is on a Linux server (non-UCS) you should consider working with DNS and simply install the UCS with the same domain as before. Skip the tempdomain.tld stuff. But again, too many possible scenarios and I can not provide more consultant information here as it would be too much guessing.


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@Christian_Voelker, seems you are right.

My old (non-UCS) domain is running on GSuite, so I really should play with DNS settings in that case… at the first sight on situation.
Have you had any hints for this case?

Since I will use Kopano as Groupware/MDA I think backup user’s content with kopano-backup or just database and attachments backup is easy to implement even on tempdomain.tld.

Then reinstall UCS on main domain and put user’s data back on it.
But there’s another question:how can I easily backup/restore users in LDAP, @Christian_Voelker ?

IMO, this should do the trick regarding user’s backup, shouldn’t it?