Domain name, zone IP address and DNS

So, we have a domain. And a domain name, let’s say “”. When I setup UCS I told it to domain control the domain Now, UCS works as an AD DC and provides DNS to our network clients.

But we also have the domain to host our public website. This website is unreachable while in our local network. I thought about setting a host name entry “@” in the forward looking zone in the DNS panel, but that didn’t work out. Then I stumbled upon the IP address setting in the zone config itself which points to our DNS server which also is our UCS AD DC. I changed that to our website’s public IP address under the assumption that that’s just the host record for “@”.

A few minutes later I have the first calls that colleagues cannot connect to our anymore. And of course, name resolution didn’t work anymore. I changed back the IP of the zone, flushed the DNS cache on the clients, and it worked again.

So, what’s the best way to have our public website accessible in our LAN while also having a working name resolution (preferrably by our DC)?

you should add an host in your forward zone with hostname www and the external ip of the external webserver (keep in mind that this is static - so if the ip changes you have to update your record - in my experience this ip never changed on any of my customers)


Yes, that’s my current workaround. It just feels weird. Maybe without reason, I’m one of those no-www people ;-), making all websites available with just the domain name without www.