Domain & DNS Record Control

Good day, let me first say that I a very new to UCS and until I arrived at my current job I had no experience with it what so ever. As it is out primary DC I am rendering to learn more but am forced to do a lot of targeted research on the fly as things come up. I have managed well so far and have taken a licking to USC. It something of a breath of fresh air but at the same time an unfamiliar scent that I’m still working out where I really like as much as I think I do.

That being said, I have been looking into a minor issue that was brought to me by the owner of the company. At the time of writing this we are currently running Univention 4.2-2 errata184. The issue I am running into is the external and internal domains of our company are the same.

For example, our company name is this is out external website, if I were to type this into a browser at the office it would take me to example. com/ univention/ portal/ . But if I were to go to www. example. com everything is great.
I have found in the DNS record www, which is set up as a host A records to the IP of the external server. The Univention server is set to UCSA. example. com and the backup Univention set to UCSB. example. com.
My question is can I some way direct all traffic to to simply forward to the external server? I have read the article here:

This is not quite what I was hoping for but it does seem like it’s along the same lines. I also noted in the DNS records there are a lot of other entries for servers externally under out domain like the mail server (it is separate from Univention and host offsite.) some of the records are for imap. example. com, mail. example. com, pop. example. com, www. example. com, smtp. example. com All set to connect to the external servers IP as if they are A records.

I am not against completely setting up the domain again in but that is a far off project. Thanks in advanced.

Do you have Samba 4 running in your environment? If yes, the Windows clients need to resolve // to get to one of your DCs. Thus, you can redirect the traffic. If you don’t use Samba 4 in you environment you might set the IP address of you DNS forward zone: