Does UCS provide RDS licensing to Windows server?

Hi Guys,

I have multiple machines ( windows ) in my lab where my students use them, I would like to use RDS license in the windows server so that it supports multiple user sessions. Do UCS provide and Act as RDS licensing server to windows server without having to buy the User CAL’s from Microsoft?



No, licensing is something about windows…

So , if i understand this correctly we can provide RDS licensing through Microsoft only and univention wont support this…?

Thank you

Remote Desktop Services is a windows product nothing related with UCS so isn’t a thing that UCS can provide

Understood , Thank you so much for your clarification. :slight_smile:

You can use RDP Server with MS RDS Licenses on Windows Servers in the UCS Domain - the Licenses have to be applied like in pure Windows AD on the RDS Server Role

So, yes you can use an MS RDS Server in UCS Domain

Thank you for your response - Appreciate it :slight_smile: . its quite opposite actually - I would need UCS to provide RDS License to be used in Windows server ( where windows server will communicate to this UCS for CAL’s other than contacting Microsoft to provide one).

RDS server controls the licencing as “slots” via a licensing engine.
the AD provides the association with a group of users being able to use a service.

so RDS will associate the licenses WITH say “RDS_USERS” group.
the AD then contains WHICH users are in that group.

RDS server queries the association and the AD says … yes the user is in that group or no.
so jane logs in & tries to use RDS, the RDS engine quiries the AD and asks is jane in group “RDS_USERS”

yes or no.

the RDS engine in the windows server then allocates a license & connection to THAT user based on THAT answer.