Docker images are outdated, is there a Dockerfile?

Hello there,

The latest docker image is tagged 4.1-3

It would be helpfull to support univention via debootstrap and/or providing a Dockerfile for building own images

There are some requests supporting lxc too, with a dockerfile or working debbotstrap it is possible bring up community based lxc images

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i managed to build 4.2 images with the scripts provided in univention-docker-dev package

just modified the script to support 4.2

this is not the right way to build images.
at this moment building images is only supported on a univention host.

a way to build images on any host would be great

building fails…

W: Failure while configuring required packages.
W: See /var/tmp/docker-baseimage.osA5Cxhh84/rootfs/debootstrap/debootstrap.log for details (possibly the package package is at fault)
Removing temporary /var/tmp/docker-baseimage.osA5Cxhh84

debugging not possible

How exactly did you manage to build the current image?

i modified the build scripts from univention-docker-dev

The build scripts are non standard dockerfiles, its impossible to build the images

Debootstrap isnt possible too

Univention, Please release common Dockerfiles!

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Hi, just a quick heads up: the buildscripts in univention-docker-dev should create common-docker files dynamically. For UCS 4.2 we need to adjust a script that is run by these dockerfiles (and that is not done yet) - we have this as an open issue and I would ask for a little patience.

is there a link for this issue?

can the community support to get this solved?

another heads up: the issue is in QA - though I cannot say how long that will take, it is on the way.

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Btw.: this is the issue:

We got some progress here and the official dockerhub image is now updated to 4.2. Nice :smiley:

thanks for the update

is there a Dockerfile to build the images on a non ucs host?