Docerized Master


im testing at the moment the dockerized Master of UCS. On docker hub itself is a 4.4.4 version but it is not possible to upgrade these to 5.x.

Is there any procedure how to come to a current version?
I have already tried this: UCS 4.x apt key expired, no package installation,update, app installation is possible

After that i can upgrade to 5.x but my docker will be killed and not longer be startable. Any idea what i can do?


Hey BR,

there are two kinds of images provided: The univention/univention-corporate-server image is indeed an UCS 5, the ucs-<role>-amd64 ones are UCS 4.4 but should not be used.
Generally speaking the maintenance and possibilities of the docker images is limited and I would advise against using them for production.

Best regards