Do we know the plan for updating the Docker component to the newest version?

Hi guys

In UCS 5.03 the current version of docker is 19.03.8, newest 23.0.0. Do we know the plan for when will be updated to at least to 20.0.0 version?


As UCS 5.03 is build on Debian Buster the Version 20 of docker is first implemented in Debian Bullseye so the Version 20 will come in Summer with the Buster to Bullseye Upgrade on UCS i think


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Actually we use docker from Ubuntu 20.04 as it was way newer than the version in Debian-10-Buster when UCS-5.0-0 was released. Nevertheless no (major) update is planned as they include incompatible changes, which might break other use-cases.
The next UCS will be based on Debian-12-Bookworm, which is scheduled for this summer. It will then contain an updated version of docker, too.