DNS Round Robin in UCS

DNS Round Robin in UCS


Can I run DNS round robin in UCS?


Yes, UCS can run DNS round robin.

You only need to add one (or more) additional IP addresses to the corresponding host record.
Bind will then perform round robin to the existing IPs.


The better question is: Are your clients able to do DNS round robin?
The good old gethostbyname function does round robin, but since 2003 RFC 3484 Default Address Selection for Internet Protocol version 6 is shipped. This way is implemented in the new IPv6 capable function getaddrinfo; also for IPv4. So if your client application uses getaddrinfo DNS, round robin will not work anymore. This is usually the case for all Linux systems

You will find more information about this using getaddrinfo gethostbyname DNS round robin and eyeballs searching the internet.