DNS problem internal


I have setup during install the base dn domain.nl (srv1.domain.nl) the same as my external mail domain(domain.nl, not so smart). Now all works fine except in the office we cannot reach our website and zarafa-webapp and on our mobile phones z-push doesn’t work because it looks also to the webmail.domain.nl. Is there a way to fix it by adding some dns records that points to dns server provider, or do i have to reinstall the server and ask UCS for a new license key.

Thanks in advance!


it it not possible to forward requests for specific hosts to an external forwarder for a zone that is held by the local DNS server.
You may add the DNS-Records you need (www, webmail) as new host records pointing to their correct IP (as it would be resolved by external DNS servers) via the DNS wizard in UMC (see chapter A/AAAA records (host records) of the UCS manual).

Janis Meybohm