DNS on master not responding

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this with no luck.
My master UCS server stopped answering to DNS queries after an update.
I’ve checked the backend and it’s using samba4 as expected.
Also the forwarding zone configured in the web interface doesn’t appear on the /etc/bind/local.conf.samba4
Any clues? Any logs I can check?
port 53 doesn’t show on netstat either.
What’s the DNS settings you expect to see on the network internal dns?


alright, let’s troubleshoot. First of all, check if the bind9.service is running. Yes, bind is used even if Samba itself is the DNS backend; bind will simply request information about the zones directly from Samba.

Please post the output of:

lsof -PniTCP:53
systemctl status bind9.service
cat /etc/bind/univention.conf
ls /etc/bind/univention.conf.d

That’s to be expected; that file is used for settings you, the administrator, want to change and for which there are no provisions in the UMC.