DNS forwarder


I am testing UCS 3.0.x using the UCS server’s DNS. Although Samba4 client stations will use the UCS DNS server, it will need to forward queries to our production DNS server for purposes of resolving internal hosts. I do not see a way to set a DNS forwarder.

Any help is appreciated.

I should add that when I view the UCS Configuration Registry, dns/forwarder1 and dns/forwarder2 point to our production DNS servers. However, when I query for an internal host against the UCS DNS, the names are not resolved.


do you use the same domain name in UCS and production DNS?
The UCS DNS server won’t forward requests for its “own” domain to the configured forwarders.

Thanks for the response. We use separate domains.

Despite the fact that I made no changes, the name resolution is now working.