DNS Change does not succeed

I changed a host record entry in my configuration though UMC.
In udm I see:

root@ucs:/etc# udm dns/host_record list| grep -A2 -B1 hostb

DN: relativeDomainName=hostb,zoneName=knebb.ucs,cn=dns,dc=knebb,dc=ucs
  name: hostb
  zonettl: 3 hours

I restarted bind9, nscd and did a ucr commit before restarting. DNS-backend is ldap. But the resolver stays fixed on the old IP.

root@ucs:/etc# host hostb.knebb.ucs ucs
Using domain server:
Name: ucs

hostb.knebb.ucs has address

I do not have a matching reverse zone (and do not need one), would this be an issue? Oh, and in /etc/hosts I do not have such an entry. Oh, and no rejects anywhere…

Any ideas?



fixed it on my own meanwhile.

I figured out, notifier and listener were not in sync. This article helped at bit.

I could not stop the listener. strace displayed some sort of waiting MUTEX so I assumed a deadlock. systemctl did not stop the process so I killed it hard (-9) and restarted it. Soon after both were in sync and I have my new DNS entry now.

Still having ome issues with DNS updates but so far it’s working.

DNS entries are cached locally on the UCS box by nscd. To get changes to be picked up immediately you should run “nscd -i hosts” to clear the cache.