Distributed Nagios under UCS

Just wondering if the built-in nagios of UCS, already supports a distributed nagios environment? We have 1 nagios currently our Master DC. We’d like to start distributing the load out to a few slave DCs. But we’ still like to use the Master DC’s Nagios GUI. But have the nagios instances on slave DCs feed to the Master DC Nagios instance. Is this already built-in that all we need to do is deploy additional nagios instances OR is there some configuration modification needed on the slaves and master to accomplish this?

Also would be be possible to have our Backup DC configured as the back up Nagios interface to the Master DC Nagios for redundancy?

Anyone done this before, suggestions, procedures, or isssue?


it appears that at least nobody who may have implemented a distributed Nagios-Environment has read your question.

I dont have experiences and can only provide some search results which may be helpful.

This PDF describes some general approaches to distribute Nagios Services.
DNX seems to be the only non-commercial project but was not updated during the last 2 years.

The blogpost Setting up fully redundant failover nagios servers describes an approach which could be adopted.

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