Disable adding primary IP to DNS record for hostname?

I have a bit of a special configuration, my Univention cluster runs on a bunch of VPSes exposed to the public internet. I would like to make Samba / LDAP only listen on a VPN interface though. I have been able to establish the tunnel and connect to the other servers in the cluster perfectly, but the only issue I have run into is the fact that the default IP of each server(set in UCR) keeps getting added to the DNS record (in the UCS internal DNS server) for the server’s hostname.

For example, I set the Host Record for dc1.mydomain.local to (internal VPN IP). However, after a few minutes, I see the external IP of the server hosting dc1 getting added to that record. How do I prevent this from happening?


am I right you edit your DNS settings in the “Domain” (blue) part of UMC?

Go the the red section and edit the DC entry there and remove the IP address listed there.

Should work then.


Yes, I’m editing DNS in the Domain section. I’m not quite sure what you are referring to, is it the “Network Settings” area or the “DNS Forward and Reverse lookup zone”?

Hi, I removed all instances of the public IP in the DC entry in the red section, but the public IP continues to add itself to the forward lookup zone??