Differential and Incremental Kopano-DB-Backups with Bareos


I have not been able to secure my Kopano data optimally until now:

  • Bareos backup backs up the entire VM
  • A script backs up the attachments directory + MySQLDump

The Inc and Diff backups in Bareos are of course always quite large because the data files of the DB are constantly changing. In addition, this backup is also not consistent.

I read in the Bareos documentation that I need the tool “XtraBackup” for this. Is this open source?

I can select different versions & platforms in the download. The Bareos documentation says:

I can’t find this version.

Has anyone already successfully installed this tool/plug-in on UCS&Bareos?

with best

On https://www.percona.com/software/mysql-database/percona-xtrabackup there is a link called “Download Percona XtraBackup” (in a block called “useful links”) which points to https://www.percona.com/downloads/Percona-XtraBackup-LATEST/

edit: or are you looking for the specific version 2.3.5 and/or 2.4.4? I don’t think these are still available as xtrabackup is already in the 8.x range.

yes, I thought because this version is mentioned in the Bareos documentation. I’ll try 8.x

I haven’t installed it yet. Site Bareos 19.2.5 is the plugin/tool in the Bareos repo.